Candyfloss Cupcakes

Bespoke Edible Works of Art Designed with Taste in Mind


Whilst any combo of topping and cake can be chosen, combining like for like flavours will always give the most intense flavouring. The recommended toppping is listed with each sponge flavour below.




A light 'plain' sponge with the addition of Madagascan vanilla.


Ideally topped with a vanilla buttercream.




A moist rich chocolate flavoured sponge created with the addition of melted chocolate to the batter as well as cocoa.

 Ideally topped with a cocoa enriched buttercream, or a mint or orange buttercream to create choc mint/choc orange.

Grandma Wrigley's 'Parkin'



A sticky cake with a mild ginger flavour. Made to an old family recipe. Can be made with an extra 'shot' of ginger for those who like their cake a little firey.

Ideally topped with a ginger & golden syrup frosting.


A moist chocolate flavoured sponge with a shot of espresso (or a moist coffee cake with the addition of melted chocolate as well as cocoa).

Ideally topped with buttercream made with a shot of espresso.

More flavours to follow: 

If you would like a certain flavour, please ask - nothing is impossible.

Please Note: 

All cakes are made in a nut free kitchen but I can not guarantee that the ingredients are prepared in a nut free environment.

Unless requested all items contain gluten, eggs, lactose, but can be made without if needed.